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A humanização em Unidade de Terapia intensiva neonatal sob a ótica dos pais

REME rev. min. enferm; 22 (), 2018
Objetivou-se compreender os significados de humanização da assistência sob a ótica de pais de recém-nascidos internados em uma Unidade de Terapia Intensiva Neonatal. Estudo descritivo e exploratório, de natureza qualitativa, realizado com os pais dos recém-nascidos internados em Unidade de Terapia...

Analysis of quality indicators of central sterile supply departments at accredited public hospitals

Texto & contexto enferm; 23 (2), 2014
This study aimed to describe and analyze quality indicators of Central Sterile Supply Departments in Accredited Public Hospitals in São Paulo state and their management by those in charge of those departments. It is a multiple-case study, presenting interconnected data from three accredited hospitals in...

Time for cleaning and room preparation: connection between surgery size and professional perspectives

Rev. gaúch. enferm; 35 (1), 2014
The objective was to verify the association between time needed for room cleaning (TLPS) and the surgery size, and related advantages and difficulties faced by the circulator of the room assigned to this task. A mixed method, with a transverse quantitative, retrospective approach, using a sample of 3095 ...