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The vulnerability of the family: reflections about human condition

Rev. bras. enferm; 74 (1), 2021
ABSTRACT Objectives: to reflect about the vulnerability of the family, using the book The Human Condition by Hannah Arendt as reference, to better understand how this institution has been structured in today's world. Results: the rupture of assistance relations among family members represents a situati...

Efeitos adversos no tratamento da tuberculose

Enferm. foco (Brasília); 11 (3), 2020
Objetivo: Analisar ocorrências de efeitos adversos relacionados a medicamentos no tratamento de tuberculose e sua associação com variáveis clínicas e desfecho. Método: Estudo transversal com 63 casos de tuberculose tratados no Ambulatório de Tuberculose e Hanseníase de São José do Rio Preto, S...

Multidisciplinary team actions of a Brazilian Psychosocial Care Center for Alcohol and Drugs

Rev. bras. enferm; 72 (6), 2019
ABSTRACT Objective: to investigate the criteria used by health professionals to identify the phase of consumption of alcohol and drug users, and actions directed to their care. Method: a qualitative study developed with 14 professionals from a Brazilian Psychosocial Care Center for Alcohol and Drugs (C...