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Effectiveness of nursing case management versus usual care for blood pressure control in adults with hypertension: a systematic review

Invest. educ. enferm; 39 (1), 2021
Objective. To synthesize the best available evidence regarding the effectiveness of nursing case management in primary health care, compared to usual care, in improving blood pressure in adults over 18 years with hypertension. Methods. systematic review that includes studies carried out with adult patien...

Quality of life assessment in chronic wound patients using the Wound-QoL and FLQA-Wk instruments

Invest. educ. enferm; 38 (3), 2020
Objective: To evaluate changes in the quality of life of patients with chronic wounds. Methods: Quantitative research with a cross-sectional design performed with 100 patients with chronic wounds from a university hospital and a Basic Health Unit in southern Brazil. The mean values of the domains of the ...