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Correlation of quality of life with knowledge and attitude of diabetic elderly

Invest. educ. enferm; 34 (1), 2016
Objective.To describe the quality of life (QL), knowledge and attitude of the elderly with diabetes mellitus (DM) and to correlate the QL with the knowledge and the attitude of the elderly. Method. It is a cross-sectional study of household inquiry type and developed with 296 elderly with DM. The used in...

Quality os life in patients with diabetic nephropathy

Invest. educ. enferm; 23 (1), 2005
Chronic renal insufficiency (CRI)due to diabetic nephropaty (DN), represents in Mexicoa matter of concern in public health. This illness has an impact so much psysical as emotional along the process of the chronicity, this process deteriorates the quality of people's life that suffer it. For such reason,...