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Nurses’ Moral Sensitivity Regarding the Terminally Ill

Invest. educ. enferm; 37 (3), 2019
Objective. The purpose, herein, was to determine the moral sensitivity of nurses when caring for terminally ill patients. Methods. Descriptive study conducted in the city of Cartagena (Colombia) with the participation of 118 nurses with minimum experience of six months in caring for the terminally ill in...

Effect of Yoga on the Quality of Life of Nurses Working in Intensive Care Units. Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial

Invest. educ. enferm; 37 (3), 2019
Objective. The work, herein, sought to determine the effect of yoga on the quality of life of nurses working in intensive care units (ICU). Methods. This was a randomized controlled clinical trial of a preventive intervention of three weekly sessions of yoga exercises, which included aspects of meditatio...