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Nursing perceptions about abortion management and care: a qualitative study

Texto & contexto enferm; 24 (3), 2015
This study aimed to describe management and implementation of care for women hospitalized due to an abortion, from the perspective of nursing professionals. A qualitative study performed in an obstetric hospital unit of a University Hospital in the extreme South of Brazil, by means of a semi-structured i...

The non-implementation of the nursing process: reflection based on Deleuze's and Guattari's concepts

Texto & contexto enferm; 23 (4), 2014
The nursing process can contribute to consolidate nursing as a science, as it evidences the systematization of its thinking and its actions, providing visibility to the work that is done. However, national and international studies have reported many difficulties that are faced when implementing it. Thes...

The Idealized Brazilian Health System versus the real one: contributions from the nursing field

Rev. latinoam. enferm; 22 (6), 2014
OBJECTIVE: to identify the perceptions of professionals working in a facility connected with the Brazilian Unified Health System - SUS in regard to what they know, think and talk about public health policy. METHOD: this exploratory-descriptive study with a qualitative nature was conducted with 28 profess...