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Religiosity and spirituality as resilience strategies among long-living older adults in their daily lives

Rev. bras. enferm; 70 (4), 2017
ABSTRACT Objective: to investigate religiosity and spirituality as a resilience strategy for the long-living older adults in their daily lives. Method: Qualitative research of phenomenological approach based on Martin Heidegger thoughts. Interviews were conducted with 14 older adults registered at a fa...

The social network for confronting conjugal violence: representations of women who experience this health issue

Texto & contexto enferm; 24 (2), 2015
This qualitative research, grounded in Social Representations Theory, aimed to describe, based on the representations of women with a history of undergoing conjugal violence, the elements which constitute the social support network for confronting this health problem. Interviews were held with 11 women w...

Expression of domestic violence against older people

Acta paul. enferm; 27 (5), 2014
Objective To reveal forms of domestic violence experienced by older people with impaired functional capacity. Methods This descriptive, exploratory study, using a qualitative approach guided by the oral history method, analyzed forms of violence. The oral histories told by older adults were used to ident...