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Planned organizational change to transform care to workers exposed to biological material

Rev. bras. enferm; 73 (5), 2020
ABSTRACT Objectives: to describe the evaluation of the service offered in cases of occupational accidents involving exposure to biological material, from the perspective of the exposed workers, before and after an intervention to obtain planned organizational change. Methods: descriptive study with a q...

Private health insurance coverage-related lawsuits

Rev. bras. enferm; 73 (3), 2020
ABSTRACT Objectives: to analyze lawsuits brought by beneficiaries of health insurance operators. Methods: this was a cross-sectional descriptive study carried out in a large-capacity private health insurance operator using data collected by the company from 2012 to 2015. Results: ninety-six lawsuits w...

Nursing supervision for care comprehensiveness

Rev. bras. enferm; 70 (5), 2017
ABSTRACT Objective: To reflect on nursing supervision as a management tool for care comprehensiveness by nurses, considering its potential and limits in the current scenario. Method: A reflective study based on discourse about nursing supervision, presenting theoretical and practical concepts and appro...