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Social support perceived by pregnant and puerperal women with HiV: A cross-sectional study

Av. enferm; 39 (1), 2021
Objective: To assess whether the social support perceived by pregnant women with HiV is different from that observed by puerperal women also with HiV. Method: The study had a quantitative approach and a cross-sectional design. It was developed from April to November 2014 in southern Brazil with 78 parti...

Vivências de jovens em terapia antirretroviral para o HIV: estudo fenomenológico

Av. enferm; 37 (3), 2019
Resumo Objetivo: compreender as vivências de jovens quanto ao uso da terapia antirretroviral para o HIV. Método: trata-se de uma investigação fenomenológica, fundamentada no referencial teórico-filosófico-metodológico de Martin Heidegger. Foram desenvolvidas entrevistas com dez jovens (16 a 23 ...

Revealing the relationship of couples facing prophylaxis of vertical transmission of HIV

Invest. educ. enferm; 33 (3), 2015
Objective.To reveal the behavior of couples who face prophylaxis of vertical transmission of HIV. Methodology. This study, based on Heidegger's theory of phenomenology, included 14 participants (7 couples), who received prophylaxis against HIV vertical transmission. The study was conducted from February ...