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Cardiovascular risk factors: differences between ethnic groups

Rev. bras. enferm; 73 (4), 2020
ABSTRACT Objectives: to compare the metabolic, anthropometric, tobacco and alcohol consumption indicators considered as risk factors for cardiovascular diseases, as well as the demographic and socioeconomic characteristics between indigenous from Rio Negro, Sateré-Mawé, mixed-race/black and white peop...

Differences in the clinical-epidemiological profile between new cases of tuberculosis and retreatment cases after default

Rev. Esc. Enferm. USP; 50 (4), 2016
Abstract OBJECTIVE To identify the socioeconomic and clinical-epidemiological factors related to tuberculosis in new cases and retreatment cases. METHOD Comparative study with 126 patients, of which 42 were retreatment cases after default attended in a reference center, and 84 were new cases completing...