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Building criteria to evaluate qualitative research papers: a tool for peer reviewers

Rev. Esc. Enferm. USP; 53 (), 2019
ABSTRACT Objective: To present some criteria, many of which were created in the form of a checklist of items to be considered throughout the review process. Furthermore, we present a study whose main objective was to build (and validate) a review instrument by specialists that is clear, comprehensive, c...

Suicidal ideation and attempt of older women in Northeastern Brazil

Rev. bras. enferm; 71 (supl.2), 2018
ABSTRACT Objective: to associate the life experiences of older women from the Northeast of Brazil with their suicidal ideation and attempts. Method: Qualitative study with fourteen older adults from Piripiri (PI), Teresina (PI), Fortaleza (CE) and Recife (PE) who were interviewed between November 2013 ...