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Evaluation of prevention and control measures for ventilator-associated pneumonia

Rev. latinoam. enferm; 19 (6), 2011
This study aimed to evaluate the quality of health care delivered in an Intensive Care Unit, concerning the use of pneumonia prevention and control measures in high-risk patients on mechanical ventilation. In this descriptive and exploratory research, 839 observations of patients under invasive ventilati...

Inter-Unit Doctoral Program in Nursing of the University of São Paulo: characterization of Graduates and Theses Defended in a Decade

Rev. latinoam. enferm; 18 (5), 2010
This descriptive study aimed to characterize the graduates of the Inter-unit Doctoral Program in Nursing of the School of Nursing of the University of São Paulo, who defended their theses in the period 1998-2008, in relation to the location they developed their Masters and their pre and post-doctoral em...