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Fear and Coping with Death in Intensive Care Nurses: a Structural Model Predictor of Compassion Fatigue

Invest. educ. enferm; 41 (1), 2023
Objective. To determine the effect of fear and coping with death on compassion fatigue in nurses working in the intensive care unit. Methods. Correlational-predictive design, applied in 245 nurses working in the intensive care unit through intentional sampling. The study applie...

Effect of Fear, Concern, and of Risk Factors for Complicated Covid-19 on Self-Care in People in Pre-elderly and Elderly Stages

Invest. educ. enferm; 40 (3), 2022
Objective. The work sought to determine the effect of the risk factors, fear, and concern on self-care regarding COVID-19 in people in pre-elderly and elderly stages. Methods. Correlational-predictive study, gathered through convenience sampling. The study applied the scale of fe...