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Assessment of ulceration risk in diabetic individuals

Rev. bras. enferm; 71 (supl.2), 2018
ABSTRACT Objective: To identify the risk factors for foot ulceration through the tracing of diabetic peripheral neuropathy and peripheral arterial disease in individuals with type I and II diabetes, who were assisted in reference centers of the Federal District, Brazil. Method: a cross-sectional and an...

Breast cancer i women: recurrence and survival at five years

Texto & contexto enferm; 24 (3), 2015
ABSTRACTWomen undergoing breast cancer treatment are still at risk of recurrence. This study investigated the association among survival and relapse with staging of breast cancer in women treated in an oncology reference hospital in Goiânia-GO, Brazil over a five-year period after diagnosis in 2008. Thi...

Emergency contraception: knowledge and attitudes of nursing students

Rev. gaúch. enferm; 35 (2), 2014
This study aims to identify the knowledge and attitude towards emergency contraception among nursing students from a public university in Goiás - a state in Brazil. A descriptive and analytical research methodology with a quantitative approach was used, applying, from February to May 2011 a questionnair...