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Construction of mental health care based on the experiences of a nursing student

Rev. bras. enferm; 74 (supl.3), 2021
ABSTRACT Objective: to report the experience of a nursing student with mental health care during a clinical internship. Method: an experience report based on data from a Singular Therapeutic Project developed by a nursing student during 16 days of practice in a Day Hospital as part of an undergraduate ...

Access of the black population to health services: integrative review

Rev. bras. enferm; 73 (4), 2020
ABSTRACT Objectives: demonstrate and discuss how the black population's access to health services occurs Methods: integrative literature review with the following question: How does the black population's access to health services occur? The search was carried out in the Scholar, LILACS and SciELO data...

Night beds in psychosocial attention care centers for alcohol and drugs: analysis and characterization

Rev. bras. enferm; 71 (supl.5), 2018
ABSTRACT Objective: To analyze and characterize the use of night beds in a Psychosocial Attention Care Center for Alcohol and Drugs (Centro de Atenção Psicossocial Álcool e Drogas - CAPS ad). Method: It is a quantitative, documental, descriptive and retrospective study. Data were gathered from 565 m...