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Palliative care management by caregivers in home care: theoretical validation in a conversation circle

Rev. bras. enferm; 75 (6), 2022
ABSTRACT Objectives: to present the validation process of a Grounded Theory on the management of palliative care at home by a caregiver of a family member who experiences a death/dying process. Methods: a qualitative, explanatory research, which validated a theoretical matrix through a conversation cir...

The process of dying/death: intervening conditions to the nursing care management

Rev. bras. enferm; 71 (4), 2018
ABSTRACT Objective: To exhibit the factors that influence the Nursing care management in the face of death and the process of dying/death of hospitalized adults in the medical-surgical units for hospitalization. Method: The Grounded Theory was applied with the theorical support of the Complex Thinking ...