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Vulnerability of women living with HIV/aids

Rev. latinoam. enferm; 22 (1), 2014
OBJECTIVE: outline the profile of women living with the human immunodeficiency virus/aids in interior cities in São Paulo State, in the attempt to identify characteristics related to individual, social and programmatic vulnerability and to analyze the conditions in which they discovered their serologica...

Abnormal Vaginal Flora in Low-Risk Pregnant Women Cared for by a Public Health Service: prevalence and Association with Symptoms and Findings from Gynecological Exams

Rev. latinoam. enferm; 18 (5), 2010
This study identifies the prevalence of vaginal flora alterations in low-risk pregnant women and their association with reported symptoms and gynecological exams. This quantitative, descriptive, cross-sectional study was conducted in public primary care service units in Botucatu, SP, Brazil from 2006 to ...

Socioeconomic and demographic profile of leprosy carriers attended in nursing consultations

Rev. latinoam. enferm; 15 (spe), 2007
Leprosy is a contagious infectious disease that manifests due to unfavorable socioeconomic factors, endemic levels and individual conditions. This study aimed to recognize the socioeconomic and demographic profile and degree of incapacity installed in leprosy carriers attended at the School Health Center...