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Atypical mycobacterias associated to acupuncuture: an integrative review

Rev. latinoam. enferm; 21 (1), 2013
AIM: to evaluate evidence concerning sources or mechanisms of infection transmission of atypical mycobacteria associated with acupuncture, and the species causing infections. METHOD: research was performed in December 2011 in the databases of LILACS, MEDLINE, EMBASE, OvidSP and the Cochrane Library, with...

Applicability of auriculotherapy in reducing stress and as a coping strategy in nursing professionals

Rev. latinoam. enferm; 20 (5), 2012
AIMS: randomized clinical trial aimed at evaluating the auriculotherapy in reducing stress levels in 75 nursing professionals and analyze the coping domains that have changed after treatment. METHODOLOGY: volunteers were divided into 3 groups (Control, Needles and Seeds) and received eight sessions at Sh...