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Nurses defending the autonomy of the elderly at the end of life

Rev. bras. enferm; 72 (6), 2019
ABSTRACT Objective: to understand how nurses deal with the elderly's autonomy at the end of life. Method: qualitative, exploratory study, guided by the Grounded Theory. Ten nurses, eight doctors and 15 nursing technicians were interviewed between November 2016 and May 2017 at a university hospital in R...

Ombudsman's experience in Psychosocial Care Centers for alcohol/drugs

Rev. bras. enferm; 71 (supl.5), 2018
ABSTRACT Objective: The objective of the study was to analyze criticisms, compliments and suggestions of users, family and workers, placed in an Ombudsman of a Centro de Atenção Psicossocial para Álcool e outras Drogas (Psychosocial Care Centers for Alcohol and Other Drugs- CAPS ad). Method: A study...

Health advocacy by nurses in the Family Health Strategy: barriers and facilitators

Rev. bras. enferm; 71 (1), 2018
ABSTRACT Objective: Identify the barriers and facilitators of health advocacy to users delivered by nurses from the Family Health Strategy. Method: Qualitative study carried out with nurses from the Family Health Strategy of a city in the south of Brazil. Study participants were 15 nurses, who were int...