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Prevention and control measures for neonatal COVID-19 infection: a scoping review

Rev. bras. enferm; 73 (supl.2), 2020
ABSTRACT Objective: to identify with the literature the measures to prevent and control neonatal infection by COVID-19. Methods: a scope review carried out by searching for studies in databases and institutional health websites. The final sample was 25 articles. Results: among the main measures are th...

Management of prenatal nursing care at a Health Center in Angola

Rev. bras. enferm; 72 (supl.1), 2019
ABSTRACT Objective: To understand how care management in prenatal care in a Care Center in Angola happens. Method: A qualitative study, which used the Constructivist Grounded Theory (GT) as a methodological framework. The theoretical sample consisted of 22 participants, including nursing professionals,...