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Changing Home: Experiences of the Indigenous when Receiving Care in Hospital

Invest. educ. enferm; 38 (3), 2020
Objective. To understand the meaning of the experience of the indigenous when receiving care in a low-complexity hospital. Methods. Qualitative study with ethnographic approach conducted in a hospital of Antioquia, Colombia. The study had 12 indigenous participants who underwent semi-structured interview...

Barriers Present in the Process of Construction of the Cultural Family Care to the Child in the Hospital: Transcultural Approach

Aquichan; 19 (1), 2019
ABSTRACT Objective: To know the barriers in the process of building family cultural care for the child in the hospital. Methodology: This is a qualitative study with a cross-cultural theoretical reference of Madeleine Leininger, called Theory of Diversity and Cultural Universality of Care, and with a...