People with albinism and skin cancer: a descriptive study

Online braz. j. nurs. (Online); 12 (suplementar), 2013
Publication year: 2013


Albino people (PA) are more likely to become sunburned, to develop skin lesions and skin cancer then people without this condition. From the Right-to-Health perspective, this study will try to identify PA who have exceeded the skin cancer risk limits.


To identify PA with skin neoplasms; to describe their main characteristics; to find out about their therapeutic route; and to discuss healthcare from the PA's perspective.


It is a descriptive study that has been developed in two complementary stages: (i) a sectional study of the PA population who are receiving treatment at the dermatology ambulatory center of the study setting; (ii) this second stage has been carried out using a qualitative approach. The sources of data include medical reports and interviews with the PA participants. The quantitative data will be analyzed through the use of simple statistics. The semi-structured interviews will be transcribed and analyzed using the Content Analysis method. This study has been approved under protocol EEAN/HESFA/UFRJ, no 371.467...