Work capacity index applied to nursing: a descriptive study

Online braz. j. nurs. (Online); 12 (suplementar), 2013
Publication year: 2013


to assess the Work Capacity among newly recruited nurses, professionals who have worked as nurses for 15 years, and those at the final years of their career at the Antonio Pedro University Hospital (HUAP); to correlate the Work Capacity Index (WCI) of each group; to implement a Work Capacity methodology in order to observe the state of health of the nursing staff working at the HUAP.


This is an observational descriptive study using a quantitative correlational approach. It has been carried out through a WCI questionnaire that is proposed by the Finnish Occupational Health Institute. The research participants include nursing assistants, technical nurses and graduated nurses working at the HUAP. The ethical aspects have been respected, complying with the law resolution 196/96. This project is under development and aims to analyze and verify the relationship between career length, the workers' state of health and their work capacity...