Surgery delay due to hypertensive crisis at a teaching hospital

Rev. enferm. UERJ; 15 (1), 2007
Publication year: 2007

Perioperative hypertensive crises can occur in pre-, intra-, and postoperative period, contributing to surgery delay. This study aimed at characterizing demographically the patients who had surgery delays due to hypertensive crises; at identifying the medical specializations with such incidences; at identifying previous history of arterial hypertension, and associated diseases. Descriptive research was performed upon 138 clinical records of patients who had their surgeries delayed due to hypertensive crises from January 2002 to December 2004 at the Teaching Hospital - Hospital de Base - of São José do Rio Preto Medical School.

The results found were as follows:

61.6% were females; 88.4% were over the age of 50; 88.4% were white; 42.0% had not finished elementary education; and 37.7% were housewives. Ophthalmology accounted for the highest rate of surgery delays, with 39.86% of the cases; previous hypertension history came next with 41.3%; and associated diseases accounted for 76.0% of the delayed surgeries. Thus, preoperative evaluation should be carried out to eliminate and minimize the surgical delays due to hypertensive crises, preventing, therefore, irreparable damages to health care institutions, relatives, and patients as well.